Weekend in the pool, teaching Scuba fundamentals

Weekend Scuba diving in Lake Travis

Teaching my kiddos to swim and be comfortable in the water has always been important. The next evolution is Scuba diving and the skills I hope will carry them a lifetime of enjoyment. 

Many years ago I became Rescue diver and Nitrox certified, wanting to continue on and become a Divemaster and Instructor. As my kids get older, this journey is becoming more important to me, as it becomes important to them

Resuming my Divemaster training

Today marks the day I restart this journey, starting my Divemaster training. My motivation is a personal accomplishment and to see my name on my kid's certification card when they turn 10! :)

Life is a journey that has many twists and turns. I enjoy teaching, but also really enjoy learning, so becoming an Instructor will give me the best of both worlds. You never know, maybe some resort will want a super cool guy to come teach a few weeks every once in awhile!! 

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