About Jason Borkland

Scuba diving, jet skiing, snow skiing, travel and fast cars. That’s only the beginning of what I love about life.


I have an Aston Martin Vantage, ride a Yamaha 250F, Yamaha Superjet that is now custom-built and custom painted and last but not least my Kawasaki STX15F.   Some people might call me an adrenaline junky, I just say I have an adventurous spirit and a need for speed (which I enjoy responsibly and take the proper safety measures).

I am also one of the partners at Heritage Body and Frame, one of the few remaining locally owned and operated collision repair and automotive facilities in the Austin, Cedar Park, and Leander areas. I was repairing cars before I had a driver’s license and maintain I-Car Platinum certification in the collision repair industry.

Action Sports

I  have been lucky enough to travel all over  North America, enjoying skiing, scuba diving, and other adventures. I have had terrific experiences,  meeting some truly amazing people along the way. I hope to continue my travel journeys into the future.

I have had the privilege to snow ski in New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Nevada, California, and British Columbia. Scuba dive in the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Antigua, St. Thomas, Cozumel, and Cancun. Cliff diving in Jamaica, Shark diving in Nassau, Sky Combat Ace in Las Vegas and Heliskiing with Helitrax in Telluride.

I am also a team member of Demon United and proudly represent the idea of responsible riding and safety.


My kids are awesome, providing me the energy to keep going and to keep motivated. They have a way of bringing out the best in you and keep a fresh perspective on life.


Through my life, I have enjoyed a numerous amount of projects. I have been and am still at part of Heritage Body and Frame, owned a towing and recovery service that was based in Austin and Cedar Park, developed and constructed multiple residential and commercial properties and developed a few digital properties.

One of my proudest developments (besides my kids) was in the Bitcoin space. As many of the early adopters, it was not necessarily to my benefit, to be involved. I saw and understood the possibilities of a global digital currency, was and still am a strong advocate. Bitcoin has the potential to be a  currency that can traverse the world at the speed of light and be outside of the control of a central agency.

I was proud to be on the cutting edge of Bitcoin at the height of the unknown, would it make it or fail miserably.  My entrepreneurial role was small and the main part I played was in hardware and software used in Bitcoin miners. I had the pleasure and heartache of being a part of the Bitcoin technology revolution. Now that I am thinking of it I need to write an article just about the early wild west days of Bitcoin and all the shenanigans that went on.


I make a lot of typos, always have and always will. I write to tell a story or convey a passion, not to win a Pulitzer prize. That is one of the many flaws that I accept about myself 

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