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Why mobile auto body estimating software is the future in the collision industry

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Early days of auto body collision estimating software, with no computer systems
I started writing collision estimates by hand in the early 1990’s, then moved onto Novell based servers and seen almost every type of technology since! Auto body shop estimating software has come a long way, to say the least.
Yes, and yes! I used and installed Novell at Heritage Automotive and Collision to implement early stone age servers in the mid-1990’s. The software and hardware install was a tedious task that I had no formal training on but it was better than handwriting automotive collision estimates. If you have ever seen my handwriting then you would really appreciate this even more! I spent hours upon hours working on early body shop estimating software systems that had clunky, hard to use software interfaces. No one really realizes now how much time and effort it was to write a body shop estimate back in the day. You had to calculate the paint, labor times, and materials by hand, so moving from handwriting to automated computerized estimates was a monumental step forward, to say the least.

Early multi-user and shop management systems

The first step forward in body shop estimating software was housed on  Windows NT servers that I adored compared to the Novell systems. This allowed for more reliable connections and at least basic communications (it also allowed us to all play Doom over the network, but no one is supposed to know that) and the basics of modern collision estimating software to be born. These early systems allowed for the basic building blocks of today’s systems. Attaching photos and claim notes, parts searches (even if they were very limited) and comparative price features. These are all terrific features that we take for granted as time moves on. Being able to compare repair times, to replacement costs, was one of the earliest features available. This was a complete evolution in the way automotive estimates were written and handled.
I have been around for multiple auto body estimating software systems to be born and tried. I was both a guinea pig and involuntary beta tester for many of the body shop estimating software systems that have spanned generations of repair technicians. I am excited to see this next evolution.

Where auto body shop estimating is headed

Auto estimating is currently going through a fundamental shift, from external auto damage adjustors to desk review companies. Light and easy to use software will help keep the industry agile and ready for a change. Mobile estimating software that simplifies the user experience is what the future is.
Mobile auto body and collision estimating software, with multi-user capability and accounting features built in. Mobile auto body estimating software that is truly functional and easy to use and learn by the average tech. In short, extremely lightweight mobile collision software will empower the next generation of collision repair professionals. Everyone from PDR, wheel reconditioning and interior repair is a collision repair technician. We all have our job to do in this extremely complicated industry and that means we have to spend less time trying to input data and more time actually putting tools to paint.
We all know the struggle, we live it every day. To write a collision estimate as a large body shop with access to networks and servers the solution is simple, we just go with one of the big estimating solutions. If you are a PDR company, mobile dent repair, wheel reconditioning or dealer bumper repair vendor, we all struggle with the same thing.  We need mobile body shop estimating software like Mobiletechrx to bring together invoicing, pictures and estimates without a large overhead of technology and software installs.
MobileTechRX can also have a tremendous impact on Dealer service drive business, with easy to use features, photo documenting and live part prices. Documenting and quoting exterior damage just became easy and quick for service drive personnel, while reducing liability.  is available on Google and Itunes in the United States, soon to be released outside the US.
Mobiletechrx also has free trial access with no obligation.
If you work on vehicles and would like to write an estimate on your mobile device that looks professional, download it and give the 30-day free trial a shot. There is no obligation to access the free trial!

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