What is Paintless Dent Repair?

What is Paintless dent repair? Will it work on the dent I just got in the parking lot so I don’t have to get the car repaired and repainted?

Paintless Dent repair also known as PDR can be a mobile alternative to dent removal if you can locate a qualified PDR tech near you.

How to determine if a dent can be done with Paintless dent repair? The main factor is the location of the dent and access to the backside with PDR tools.

An example of a dent that would not be a candidate for PDR is this Audi R8 at Heritage Body and Frame, this is what PDR is not the proper application for

  • Large dent
  • Bodylines
  • Doublewall (no access to the back of the dent)
  • Fiberglass and Plastics bumper covers
  • Structural damage

That dent would need to go with a conventional auto body shop repair and refinish. This is a more expensive and intrusive process to be done that requires and a few days at the shop.

What Paintless dent works great for

Small everyday dings and dents that a car picks up

  • shopping cart dents
  • door dings
  • hail damage
  • small collision damage that did not break the paint

How does it work?

Magic, no really the Paintless dent repair technician needs access to the backside where the dent is located. The technician needs this access to be able to push and reform the metal very slowly one push at a time using the memory the metal has from when it was stamped or formed.

Some vehicles have ample access to the backside of panels and some do not. Auto manufacturers are constantly adding structural adhesives, sounds deadening material and double thickness panels that add to the challenge of the PDR process. Changing materials also require changing methods of repair, newer Aluminum panels are very hard to repair at with PDR or traditional collision repair methods. Aluminum takes more time, patience and experience to remove the dent, but it can be done in many cases.

The key is finding the great local PDR technician and letting them take a look at the vehicle and letting them estimate the damage.  Most technicians are happy to look at it and tell you if PDR will work and provide that free estimate.

Let’s move onto a multi part series of How PDR actually works and PDR estimating 

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