Bringing my Yamaha Superjet back to life

Superjet is what I do

One of the constant passions in my life has been riding a stand-up jet ski. I started riding on a Kawasaki 450 when I was about 12 years old and was hooked ever since. Some people surf to reach that zen spot where you just lose yourself, I ride a stand-up.

I have always been a Yamaha Superjet fan, in my defense not many people around this area ride (so I just have not had opportunities to check out skis like a Rickter).

Anyways, I will drone on about why I love my Yamaha and why I love my riding on another page but the main point to take is.

Superjet finished up

If I got stuck on a desert island I would take my kids, my dog, and my SuperJet


and I would honestly bet setup pretty solid from that point in time. I would have to learn to ride surf on an Island, but you know all things are possible if you have your mind right.

Why I brought it back to life and didn't go buy a new one

Well, she is like my favorite girl, she treats me right and is always good to go so why would I go get a new one? I put her on LakeLBJ in 2004, only doing regular maintenance and keeping it pretty stock. Since it was on the water and never gave me any problems, I had zero motivation to do anything but ride it. Over the years she started looking a little ragged for good reason and needed to be fixed up. I finally brought her in because of a low-end bog issue and started a complete cosmetic customization at that point.  Now that it's done, I will share the journey to bring her back to life and how I made the choices along the way

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