Mobile Tech Rx Mobile estimating made easy

Mobile Tech-RX (MTRX on the App Store) is the only Mobile estimating software you need for your PDR, Recon and light collision repair center


Mobile Tech-Rx is perfect for any mobile automotive business looking for collision repair software to write mobile estimates, mobile work orders, and mobile invoices. Today's Mobile Techs need quick, easy to use software that flawlessly with iPhone, iPad and Android products. MobileTechRX also has a desktop software version available when you need a larger screen. Using Mobile Tech-Rx mobile collision estimating application is not only quicker but more economical. You can write an automotive estimate once and be done in the fast-paced auto repair industry.

As a car dealership or auto body shop, it is quick and easy to teach basic auto body estimating skills using Mobile Tech. Exterior part and labor integration make writing a small and quick repair estimate possible. Dealership service drives that are looking for a faster way to write small customer pay estimates, as well as document prior damage (with the built-in photo and photo tagging features), are a natural and easy fit for MobileTech RX.

As Insurance carriers are moving to desk review software and personnel, Mobile Tech is a natural fit for the evolving collision estimating applications of the future.

Quick and Easy to deploy

Using Mobile Tech application is the quickest and easiest way to write a quick, solid estimate without paper. You can use the feature-rich application to check on conventional repair prices, see photos of vehicles, and even get substrate information all before touching the vehicle. Easy to use auto body damage estimates and feature-rich vendor relations is the goal of the software. How can Mobile Tech-RX software make your life easier?

Interactive graphics and easy to use interface

Perfect for all types of mobile repair technicians

Perfect for user management, billing and invoicing, comparative pricing and speed! No more writing estimates out on the lot and the body shop loses the copy! With Mobile Tech RX, you write the PDR or collision estimate once and can email it on the spot to everyone that needs it. You can email the customer, body shop or insurance using Mobile Tech in an instant.

Imagine being able to email your billing invoices, dent repair estimates, insurance companies and subs as work orders are approved. More time with tools to paint and less time punching keys on a keyboard.

Comparative Price features built-in

Compare prices


Comparative Pricing/X-Ray Photos for Auto Techs

View comparative panel replacement costs for many vehicles. Panel cost is computed based on OEM part price and includes all associated labor, paint, blend, and R&I procedures.

Comparative Pricing also gives you access to an Advanced material database along with helpful tips and repair notes. This also gives the average technician access to data at a fraction of the price of desktop estimating systems.

Get a behind-the-scenes look into bracing issues and access points with the X-ray Photos feature.

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