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As he sees it, it’s impossible to experience the wonders of the undersea world first-hand without coming away with a profound feeling of reverence, and a sense of duty to preserve those wonders for future generations. By guiding others to experience the world below the surface, Jason hopes to instill that sense in others and promote the cause of marine conservation. Also, Jason is moving into technical diving to push the limits of research and documentation of our underwater planet at deeper levels.

Jason helps the cause in more direct ways, too. He has volunteered his time and expertise at Texas State University’s protected marine area at Spring Lake, and he is very particularly involved in the efforts of Fins Attached,  a Colorado-based nonprofit focused on shark research and marine conservation. After going on an expedition with Fins Attached, he felt an immediate sense of identification with its mission; he has since become a sponsor and board member for the organization, taking part in fundraising activities and investing time and money into advancing the cause of marine preservation and education.

Jason Borkland named to Finsattached Board of Directors. Jason has demonstrated he is passionate about the environment, saving sharks, and protecting our oceans.

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